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Technical and organisational measures for data protection and security in medical practices are demanded by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a doctor or therapist, you must provide special protection for patient and medical data. This applies to every health practice – be it general practitioner, physiotherapist, psychotherapist or dentist.

Staff in medical practices must be properly trained and sensitised on data protection issues: a secure handling of daily health and medical data requires awareness of data protection as well as basic IT-security. In Germany, data protection in medical practices furthermore encompasses the requirements of the centralised Telematics Infrastructure (TI), including new applications such as the electronic patient record (ePA).


To reach compliance with the GDPR requirements, avoid harmful loss of sensitive data and implement necessary technical and organisational measures, hiring a data protection professional is the best way. A GDPR compliance audit also increases general IT-security as well as diminishes the risks associated with costly fines and legal consequences.

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Our services for data protection and compliance

External Data Protection Officer

We serve as a certified Data Protection Officer DPO for medical practices and health care businesses

Data Protection Check-Up

Individual check-up on data protection status, GDPR website audit and data privacy updates

Data protection audits

Audits of data protection management and compliance, evaluation of audit evidence, reporting and recommendations

Training on data protection

In order to comply with GDPR organisational requirements and vitalise security awareness