About Vital Data Protect

VDP advises and supports practitioners and healthcare businesses in the implementation of data protection measures in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy Directive as well as national data protection regulations. Our consulting expertise is based in years of professional experience, training of managers and employees, personal competence and an approach to practical solutions.

I am Sascha, the person behind VDP.  My personal affinity for security and protection of medical data led me to the healthcare sector. As a certified data protection officer, I advise all kinds of practitioners, be it internists, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists or radiologists. I have professional experience of +15 years in the internet sector, mostly devoted to security and data protection related projects and services.

From university to data protection

During the dotcom boom at the turn of the millennium, I focused on internet and IT during my economic studies at Maastricht University. Afterwards, I worked at eco – the Association of the Internet Industry on security-related projects, for example the protection of critical infrastructures or email security. Later, I became head of the SME division at the association Deutschland sicher im Netz, where my work focused entirely on security and protection of data in the digital age for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to developing educational offers, I trained managers and staff in the secure use of devices, applications and data. After that, I decided to further deepen my knowledge of data protection and train practitioners and healthcare businesses.

Data protection – anything but boring

For most people, data protection and data security are kind of boring – I do not deny that this can be true. However, the bigger picture of data protection especially these days is fairly interesting. I am sure that you know the novel “1984” by George Orwell. I was fascinated by the book in my advanced English course back in school. Who could imagine back then how realistic some ideas of the novel would turn out to be?

Perhaps the judges at the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany, who issued the census ruling in December 1983. The ruling had significant impact on the later amended Federal Data Protection Act, which in turn strongly influenced the GDPR. In essence, the ruling strengthened our rights to informational self-determination. The advancing digitalisation is putting this self-determination to the test, especially in the area of such sensitive personal data as our health data. Because data protection has become so vital for our informational self-determination, data protection itself matters to everybody.

Find out the degree of data protection compliance of your medical practice or healthcare business!

Specialisation in healthcare data protection

From personal experience I know about the sensitivity that diagnoses and treatments demand, as well as the feeling of unease when sensitive information leaves the practitioner‘s room. Patient and health data require special protection for good reason. The technological and economic developments in the healthcare sector render data protection a challenging field of activity. If practitioners as well as their staff keep the medical data of patients safe and secure, they will create trust and guard against potential fines as well as criminal activities.

How I support your medical practice

To ensure your compliance with the requirements of medical data protection laws and regulation, I offer the following services:

  • Analyse your data protection management and grade the degree of compliance with data protection regulations in order to determine gaps, existing risks and suggest improvements
  • Improve your data protection management system in order to reach the necessary level of compliance
  • Train you and your staff in the secure use of applications, devices, systems and data for daily routines
  • Check and provide the necessary documents and documentation, including website audits and data privacy statements
  • Streamline and re-organise your data protection management processes

My data protection certifications:

  • Data Protection Officer (TÜV)
  • Data Protection Auditor (TÜV)
  • Compliance Officer (TÜV)